Meeting in Athens with our italian visitor Iacopo from Rotaract Club Bologna!

The  scheduled meeting between Rotaractors of our Glub and our visitor Iacopo Romandini, a member and board adviser of Rotaract Club Bologna, took place in the center of Athens on Friday, the 24th of October 2014. Present were the Vice President Christos Katopodis and the treasurer Karin Karounak

meeting Iacopo 4

Iacopo studies medicine at the University of Bologna and came to our country as part of a student exchange program as practical trainee at the General Hospital of Patra. He contacted us through the facebook page of Rotaract Club Athens and after communicating with the Social Media and International Affairs Coordinator Paul Sampatakakis, the meeting was scheduled.

During the meeting which was held in a very friendly atmosphere, many interesting topics about the two Rotaract Clubs were discussed. Iacopo informed us about a great multi-club project called “You are not alone” to which Rotaract Club Bologna participated. This project  deals with problems faced by mediterranean countries such as the issue of immigration.

Furthermore, Club banners were exchanged and our treasurer Karin expressed the wish of our Club to organize future actions together. Iacopo committed that he will convey our intentions to his Club and that we will soon receive information about the outcome of our proposal.

However, the warm greek hospitality did not end there. The evening of the same day members of the Club went together with our visitor from Italy to a known bar in the northern suburbs of Athens and had a great time. Present were our President Panos Karakizis, the Vice-President Christos Katopodis, the General Secretary Maria Antoniou as well as the honorary member and Past President Mihalis Alban.