A strong message of solidarity from Rotaract Club Athens!

With high sense of responsibility towards Syrian refugees, our fellow brothers who arrive daily in our country, we started our own action to support their hosting in our city, Athens. 

We, as citizens of this country, need to contribute to solidarity towards our fellowmen and to sensitize the rest of our society to understand that those people seek the obvious for themselves and their children: a safe life. Greece could be a passage to their salvation.


Our Club, supporting the country’s institutions and wanting to contribute to the effective and comprehensive resolution of everyday problems that arise at the Open Hospitality Center  for Refugees “Elaionas” and at the Greek Islands who welcome and host refugees every hour of the day, began a survey of collecting medical and pharmaceutical supplies in order to donate it to these shelters.

Till now we have received donations of medical and pharmaceutical supplies from various volunteers. The biggest donation was made by the Rotarian Michael Alban from Rotary Club of Athens, 2,500 euros worth!

Moreover, after having communicated and thorough discussed with the Vice President of our Club Maria Antoniou, the President of Rotaract Club Dubai Motaz Maged Haider Ghaleb, decided to donate the large sum of 1000 euros for our Project!