Meeting in Athens with Rotaractors from Egypt and Italy!

In the frame of our international exposure and openness, we welcomed on Tuesday, September 9, 2015 two excellent Rotaractors to Greece ! Omar Akram from the Egyptian Rotaract Club of Alexandria Al Montazah and Nicola Pissa from the Italian Rotaract Club Pordenone!


This highly constructive meeting was attended by our Club President, Christos Katopodis, General Secretary, Dimitra Vitsou, Sergeant at arms, Spyros Alexandratos and our member-to-be George Michailidis.

Omar Akram is a founding member of his Club and the way in which he shared with us the future actions of the Egyptian Club not only revealed a very promising Rotaractor, who wants to offer to the society but also inspired us to lay the foundations for future joint actions and strengthen the relations between the two Clubs. We renewed our appointment for next fall in Egypt.

Our meeting with Nicola Pissas did also stimulate the development of relations of our Club with Rotaract Club Pordenone from Italy. Future meetings will take place as he will remain for some time in Greece for his studies.

Each meeting with Rotaractors from other countries is very valuable and a source of inspiration for us in order to maintain a high level of our offer to society!