Rotaract Leaders join BUY ONE MORE!

The leaderships of Med MDIO, RD2470 and RD2484 came together to help people in need and participated in our international Project “BUY ONE MORE!

After the end of the great event of RD2470 held on the 24th of January 2015 in Athens, the Med MDIO President Vera Damerjian, the DRRs of RD2470 and RD2484 Vasilis Pasipoularidis and Stergios Befas, the Med MDIO Country Representatives for Greece and Cyprus Paul Sampatakakis and Antigone Karakoulli together with members of Rotaract Club Athens, participated in the project of Rotaract Club Athens “BUY ONE MORE!”.

drash buy one more 4(From the left: C.Katopodis, A.Karakoulli, V.Damerjian, P.Sampatakakis, M.Alban, P.Karakizis, S.Befas, V.Pasipoularidis)

More specifically, after the donation of 170euros on behalf of the participants, a total ammount of 120kg of food supplies were purchased from the store “Sklavenitis” in the area of Ekali! The DRR2484 Stergios  also represented his own Rotaract Club Panorama as its Vice President. Furthermore, the Med MDIO CR Antigoni  represented her Rotaract Club Limassol-Amathusia as its President.

From Rotaract Club Athens, the following members attended:  the President of the Club, Panos Karakizis, the Vice President Christos Katopodis, the Social Media and International Affairs Coordinator Paul Sampatakakis and the honorary member and Past President Rot. Mihalis Alban.

The 120kg of the above participation were added to the gatherings collected after four successful days of the Athenian Part of this international project and reached 2.8 tons!

The participation of thοse influential Greek and foreign Rotaractors honors us and adds a significant weight to the international action of Rotaract Club Athens “Buy one more!¨ that promotes the Greek Rotaract in the best possible way! We thank them very much for the donation, the support and the participation!