Rotaract Club Athens participates in the international project “Traditional Breakfast”!

On Saturday, the 25th of October  2014, Rotaract Club Athens participated  in the international project “Traditional breakfast”, organized by Rotaract Club Nis, Serbia.

Greek traditional breakfast

The main purpose of this action, was the need to improve the quality of life for young people who are faced with the modern scourge of obesity. More specifically, each Club had to promote with the form of a picture the traditional breakfast of  its country.

The preparation of our greek breakfast took place at the home of our Sergeant at Arms Christos Chachlioutakis. Our goal was the most comprehensive depiction of a traditional greek breakfast! Among the materials used were included: milk, fresh orange juice, bread, butter, honey, spinach-pie, honeycomb, the greek pie bougatsa, fruits, apricot jam and traditional sesame ring from Thessaloniki.

After completing the process the photos were sent to our Social Media and International Affairs Coordinator and Med MDIO Coutry Representative for Greece Paul Sampatakakis who did a qualitative processing of the most appropriate photo. After taking the consent of our Club’s members, Paul sent our final photo among with information about its content to Rotaract Club Nis.

The Serbian Club informed us about its intention to publish our picture on its official facebook page. Furthermore  they will not only distribute  participation certificates but also create an ebook with all the photos of the Clubs involved.