Rotaract Club Athens and RAC Nis are officially Twin Clubs!

Rotaract Club Athens, after its participation in the international project “Traditional Breakfast”,  organized by  Rotaract Club Nis, Serbia, is pleased to announce the official twinning with the serbian Club!


After the completion of the Traditional breakfast project, the Social Media and International Affairs Coordinator  and Med MDIO Country Representative for Greece Paul Sampatakakis contacted the International Coordinator of RAC Nis, Andjela Mitic and informed her about the intention of the hellenic Club to establish closer relations between the two Clubs. We received a few days ago a positive response from  Serbia!

The following days an official twinning agreement will be signed between the two Clubs. The Athenian Rotaractors are already discussing about a future meeting with the members of the serbian Club which could take place in Athens or Nis. Moreover, joint actions in the near future will be organized in order to strengthen the relationship between the twin Clubs.