Rotaract Club Thessaloniki joins BUY ONE MORE!

Rotaract Club Athens welcomed  under the twinning process with Rotaract Club of Thessaloniki three of its members in Athens!

On Saturday, the 17th of January 2015, the President of Rotaract Club Thessaloniki Christos Papadopoulos, the Treasurer Thanassis Tzapos and the member Eleni Giovanopoulou visited the city of Athens in order to discuss about a future twinning with Rotaract Club Athens and to tighten the relations with our Club.

The Social Media and International Affairs Coordinator of RAC Athens, Paul Sampatakakis, picked up the President and the Treasurer of RAC Thessaloniki from the Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”. A meeting for coffee with view of the Acropolis in the known cafe “A for Athens” took place together with the President of RAC Athens Panos Karakizis, the Vice President Christos Katopodis, the Past President Mihalis Alban and the  member of RAC Thessaloniki Eleni Giovanopoulou. The Rotaractors discussed about various Rotaract related and non related issues in a very cordial and warm atmosphere.

The sunny day was continued with a walk in Monastiraki and Thissio where our company grew with the arrival of another athenian member, Spyros Alexandratou. Rotaract Club Thessaloniki showed factually the sense of unity that prevails between the two Clubs by participating in our international project “BUY ANOTHER ONE!“. The action took place in the store “Sklavenitis” in the region Panormou where the members of RAC Thessaloniki donated 50euros and bought 35kg of food supplies! During the action the member-to-be Dimitra Vitsou joined also our efforts.

rac thess 1, 17.1(D.Vitsou, Ch.Katopodis, P.Sampatakakis, Ch.Papadopoulos, E.Giovanopoulou, Th.Tzapos, P.Karakizis, S.Alexandratos)

After the project, the members of the two Clubs sat for dinner in the beautiful restaurant “Milolithos”, to which the General Secretary of the Club Maria Antoniou came. Paul Sampatakakis honored the three members RAC Thessalonikis with certificates of attendance so that they remember the wonderful day where the two Clubs came even closer! The day ended with a sweet traditional brioche from Thessaloniki!

rac thess 17.1(C.Papadopoulos, P.Karakizis, M.Alban, C.Katopodis, P.Sampatakakis, D.Vitsoy, M.Antonioy, Th.Tzapos, E.Giovanopoulou, S.Alexandratos at the restaurant “Mylolithos”)

Paul Sampatakakis drove in the afternoon the members from Thessaloniki to the airport, and the appointment was renewed for the two Clubs in the coming months when members of our Club will visit Thessaloniki where the official twinning of the two Clubs will take place!
rac thess 2, 17.1(C.Κatopodis, E.Giovanopoulou, C.Papadopoulos, S.Alexandratos, P.Sampatakakis and D.Vitsoy during the project “BUY ONE MORE!”)