RAC Athens meets Ozan Demirer of RAC Denizli


RAC Athens met with Rotaractor Ozan Demirer during his visit in Athens, member of RAC Denizli and responsible for the Youth Exchange Programs, on Friday, September 1st 2016 at The Acropolis Museum. The meeting took place in a pleasant environment while all necessery arrangements where complete for a future Twining between the two Clubs as well as Exchange Programs for the clubs’ members. Rotaractor Ozan, during his business trip in our city, seized the opportunity to contact our club and visit our members in person, promoting that way the Rotarian Spirit.



Our club was represented by the: President Maria Antoniou, Past President Christos Katopodis, Secretary General John Koutroumpis, Special Secretary Nickos Vadivoulis and Kyriakos Kostarelos.