Pakistan joins BUY ONE MORE!

On the 26th of February, the members of Rotaract Club of SZABIST Karachi Mid-City  participated in the international service project of Rotaract Club Athens, BUY ONE MORE! and visited Dar ul Sukun, a home for 300 physically and mentally challenged children and adults. The institution had asked that they were in great need of Oat Meal, Cerelac and liquid milk. The Pakistani Club decided to distribute these products as a part of the ‘Buy one More!’ campaign.


The Rotaract Club of SZABIST Karachi Mid-City  got to know about our project through Paul Sampatakakis, the Med MDIO Social Media Coordinator and Country Representative for Greece when the Rotaractors from Pakistan approached his home club, Rotaract Club Athens for its project, an e-magazine called the Rotary Jigsaw.

After reviewing the project, the board of the Pakistani club gave the go ahead for the project.  However, there were a lot of problems the members faced in conducting this project, as Pakistan is the epic centre of the war against terrorism, the country witnessed one of its most horrific act of terror the Peshawar school massacre in which 144  school going children were lost. This act has forced the country to take measures which affected this project very much. Due to this, the Rotaract Club of SZABIST Karachi Mid-City was not able to convince the market owners to allow its members to stand near their shops and ask the customers to donate because public places such as the market place are under threat by the terrorist outfits.

Nevertheless, the members of the club were determined to carry out this project and they were able to secure with the help of the university the amount of 17000 rupees (150 euros) within a week! After collecting this amount they went to a local store known as the Imtiaz Store and bought Oat meal for porridge, Cerelac and liquid milk cartons. At the spot they also decided to buy a few packets of candies for the children at Dar Ul Sukun. Again at the stores they could not manage to take pictures due to the prevailing threats.

As soon as they bought the products, they left for Dar ul Sukoon and donated 60 litres of milk, 24 kilos of Oat meal for porridges and 8.4 kilos of Cerelac. The Clubs’ main aim is to collect 50000 rupees and continue in support of this project!

We would like to thank our friends from Pakistan for participating in our project under such conditions! Keep up the good work!