Montenegro joins BUY ONE MORE!

Montenegro is the 7th country after GreeceCroatia, Turkey, Algeria, Cyprus and Italy that joined on the 31th of January, 2015, our international service project “BUY ONE MORE”!

After accepting the invitation of Med MDIO Country Representative for Greece Paul Sampatakakis, the Med MDIO Country Representative of Montenegro, Milos Dimic announced the participation of his Rotaract Club Budva and of Rotaract Club Podgorica


On Saturday the 31th January, Rotaractor from Rotaract Club Budva stayed at the supermarket “Mega promet” from 8:30 to 16:30 and distritubted flyers to the customers with a list of the essential products to facilitate their purchase.
Furthermore, the members had this great idea of giving small gifts (club magnet and information about the Club) to people who made a big contribution to their effort!

Rotaract Club Budva managed to gather 340kg of food supplies, 680euros worth! Rotaract Club Podgorica jointed the action of Rotaract Club Budva and donated their monthly fees to the project! This way, they gathered another 190kg, 160 euros worth! Moreover, there was also a big contribution from Rotary Club Budva!

The total amount of 530kg, 840euros worth, was donated to nuns of the Sveti Vid church in Petrovac who take care of old people!

We would like to thank warmly our friends from Montenegro for their excellent work and participation!

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