MEDICON 2015: BUY ONE MORE of Rotaract Club Athens wins the 1st place at the Med MDIO Outstanding Project Awards!

The international service project of Rotaract Club Athens “BUY ONE MORE!” won the first place at the Rotaract Med MDIO Oustandting Project Awards 2014-15 during the MEDICON 2015 in Salerno, Italy!

team photo fb(The Country Representatives and board members of Med MDIO 2014-15 who attended the Medicon 2015)

The Med MDIO Country Representative for Greece 2014-15, Med MDIO Social media Coordinator 2014-15 and incoming Vice President of the Med MDIO for the Rotary year 2015-16, Paul Sampatakakis, attended the MEDICON 2015 in Salerno, Italy, on 16-19 April 2015 and represented our country in this great annual event of the Med MDIO!

This MEDICON, except for Greece, was attended by Rotaractors from many Mediterranean countries such as Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia, Montenegro and of course its host, Italy. The Rotaractors, having three Rotaract Clubs from Salerno as tour guides, experienced the Italian city and got a strong taste of Italy!

On Thursday, April the 16th 2015, the opening ceremony of MEDICON 2015 took place! The national anthems of all countries of the Med MDIO were heard, the bell of Rotary rang and  the big event of Rotaract MED MDIO started! The evening continued on the beautiful streets of the city with authentic Italian pizza and plenty of fun!

The next day, the Rotaractors visited the University of Salerno! The board meeting of the Med MDIO took place and the nominations for the MEDICON 2016 were presented. Candidate countries were Lebanon, France, Croatia and Algeria! The evening continued  with dinner and entertainment until late at a club in the Italian town!

On Saturday, 18th of April 2015, the 3rd Mediterranean Peace Forum took place in which distinguished Rotarians from Italy and abroad discussed about peace nowadays.  The President of Med MDIO 2014-16 Vera Damerjian spoke about the role of women in the Mediterranean. During her speech, she referred to important women of the Mediterranean such as the Greeks Laskarina bouboulina and Marianna Vardinoyannis.

11102753_10153261099207431_5204692780139062998_n(Group photo of Rotaractors after the end of the 3rd Mediterranean Peace Forum)

The same evening, in a glamorous gala which was attended by many Rotarians and Rotaractors, the closing ceremony of MEDICON was took place! The twinnings between Rotaract Club Athens and Rotaract Club Tropea from Italy and between Rotaract District 2470 from Greece and with RD 9010 from Algeria were also signed by the Country Representatives of Italy Greece and Algeria! The time for the announcement of the three Med MDIO Outstanding Awards 2014-15 and the Med MDIO Peace Award 2014-15 was almost there..!

Greece and Rotaract Club Athens were heard once again during the awarding for the FIRST PLACE of the Med MDIO Outstanding Project Awards 2014-15!

Paul Sampatakakis who represented our Club and the efforts of all of us, received the award and talked in detail about our international project “BUY ONE MORE!“. The Club won the first place among over 30 nominations from all over the Mediterranean! By the time the results of our action were announced –eight tons of food collected from 12 countries, 24 Rotaract Clubs, 3 Rotary Clubs, 3 Rotaract Districts and donated to 15,700 people- the whole room gave a very warm applause for the big effort of our Club!

Rotaract Club of Athens, thanks to the hard work and the great efforts of its members, earned the first place for a second consecutive year and brought the Greek Rotaract to the top once again!

Here are some photos from MEDICON 2015!

twinning daphne(Our member, Paul Sampatakakis along with the Italian Representative of Med MDIO, Daphne Ianneli during the twinning between RAC Athens and RAC Tropea)

1012933_10153252325081779_4621457864093197825_nn(Paul Sampatakakis receives our award from the Med MDIO President Vera Damerjian)

11169860_10153261099957431_7710517379286744107_n(Οι Εκπρόσωποι Ελλάδος και  Αλγερίας υπογράφουν την αδελφοποίηση του Ροταράκτ της 2470 Περ. Δ.Ρ. με το αλγερικό τμήμα της 9010 Περ.Δ.Ρ.)

3(Ομαδική φωτογραφία στο Πανεπιστήμιο του Σαλέρνο)


11150607_10206524907740792_933367738550076690_n(Οι Εκπρόσωποι Ελλάδος και Ιταλίας μετά την λήξη του 3ου Μεσογειακού Φόρουμ Ειρήνης!)

photo (1)

(Ο Ρκτ. Παυλος Σαμπατακάκης μαζί με τον Ιταλό Προδιοικητή, Πρόεδρο του 3ου Μεσογειακού Φόρουμ Ειρήνης , Πρόεδρο Περιφέρειας του Rotary Foundation και Εκπρόσωπο του Προέδρου του Διεθνούς Κογκρέσου της Περ. 2042 Δ.Ρ., Ροτ. Francesco Socievole, και με τον Διοικητή της Ιταλικής 2100 Περ.Δ.Ρ.  Ροτ.Giancarlo Spezie)