Jordan joins BUY ONE MORE!

Rotaract Club of Amman West from Jordan participated from the 13th till the 19th of February 2015 in our international project “BUY ONE MORE!“. Jordan is the 8th country that joins our major service project!

jordan social media banner

After communication and discussion between the Social Media and International Affairs Coordinator of Rotaract Club Athens Paul Sampatakakis with the Head of the Membership Committee, Social Media and Community Service of Rotaract Club of Amman West, Lara Hajjara, the Rotaractors from Jordan together with guests of the Club got to work! 

(During the first day of the Project:  Ammar Mismar, Yasmeen Barakat, Leen Gammoh , Lara Hajjara, Sana Abdulhadi, Lama Hajjara, Beesan Alremawi, Ola Khalifeh, Waleed Al-ali)

Their initiative aimed at collecting donated products by kindly asking customers at the local supermarkets to help this effort by donating one or more of a list of products provided. The list constituted of essential food and hygiene items.



(Left: Nurtan Murad, Yasmeen Barakat, Lara Hajjara)


They went to several local supermarkets and started this campaign! Some started buying essentials from money donated to Rotaract Club Amman West and using money from its own treasury, others stood at the entrances of the supermarkets asking people to buy one more item through giving out flyers with the list of essential items aiming at collecting. This all took place parallel to the tremendous efforts of the Social Media team of RAC of Amman West by sharing and spreading awareness of this event all over facebook, instagram, and twitter!

3+4(After the project!:  Omar Jonaidi, Sana Abdulhadi, Waleed Al-ali, Ola Khalifeh, Lama Hajjara, Nour Laswi and Lara Hajjara)


This event was a very successful one! The members were able to buy/collect almost 600 kg of products, 700euro worth!  The collected items were donated to the two different organizations.


After finding out that a huge storm is coming to Amman, the members and guests rushed to make sure that the gatherings were given before the storm to ensure that these organizations have the needed items and would not venture in dangerous weather to obtain anything required. The first organization is a confidential Social Care Organization for the Elderly that was in dire need of basic food products. The second one is the Family Care Society Organization which has been established since 1969 to help Palestinian refugees, the dislocated and the needy. The society, which has grown significantly since its foundation, provides material and moral support as well as professional training. The founders of the Society were determined to focus their efforts primarily on training of women and preparing them for a career. The items were given on Thursday the 19th of February to the above foundations.

Thank you friends from Jordan for your participation and your excellent work!!