Italy joins BUY ONE MORE!

Rotaract Club Tropea and Rotaract Club Palmi made the Italian Part of our International Project “BUY ONE MORE!” reality by gathering almost 1ton of food supplies and essentials, 1400euros worth!

buy one more italy
Rotaract Club Tropea:
Rotaract Club of Tropea joined the international project “BUY ONE MORE!“, hosted by Rotaract Club Athens!
On Saturday the 24th of January 2015, Rotaract Club Athens continued the project in the presence of the Med MDIO President Vera Damerjian, who visited Athens and and participated also in this major project! On the same day, Rotaract Club Tropea will did its Italian part by collecting 460 kg of food supplies, 750euros worth! The gatherings were donated in the form of 31 packages to local charities in the city of Tropea.

This event will also seal a twinning between the two clubs, thanks to the efforts of the Med MDIO Country Representatives, Daphne Iannelli, for Italy and Paul Sampatakakis, for Greece! Furthermore, a twinning agreement will be subscribed the following months by the presidents, Giusi Lonetti for Rotaract Club Tropea and Panos Karakizis for the Rotaract Club Athens, and by the District Representatives, Danilo De Fazio, for the Italian RD2100 and Vasilis Pasipoularidis, for the Greek RD2470.

Rotaract Club Palmi:

On Saturday the 24th of January 2015, Rotaract Club of Palmi participated in the international project of Rotaract Club Athens “BUY ONE MORE!“. This project, aimed at the collection of food, was strongly supported by the Med MDIO Country Representative for Greece, Paul Sampatakakis, who sent an open invitation to every Med MDIO member district in the whole area of the Mediterranean.
The Med MDIO Communication Coordinator Marco Gagliostro and the Club President Anna Napoli accepted the invitation and thanks to the participation and generosity of merchants in Palmi, Rotaract Club Palmi managed to gather 400kg of food supplies (approx. 650euros worth) which were donated to the City of Palms. The social services of the Italian City will distribute them to families in great need. The italian Club would like to thank all those people who worked for this project and help many poor families!

Here are some photos of the two italian Clubs at the day the project took place! Enjoy!

palmi 1 (Τhe emblems of Rotary Club Palmi and Rotaract Club Palmi)

palmi 1-2-3 (After the project, Rotaract Club Palmi)

palmi 4-5(After the project, Rotaract Club Palmi)

tropea 1+2(Member of Rotaract Club Tropea during the project!)

tropea 4
tropea 6
tropea 7
Thank you very much fellow Rotaractors from Italy for your excellent work and cooperation!