Egypt joins BUY ONE MORE!

Rotaract Club Cairo Royal from Egypt participated in our international project “BUY ONE MORE!“. Egypt is the 9th country that joins our international project!

We present you the article written by the Egyptian Rotaract Club about the Egyptian part of BUY ONE MORE, after a great cooperation between the Med MDIO Country Representative for Greece Paul Sampatakakis, the Med MDIO Country Representative for Egypt Salma Maatouk and the President of Rotaract Club Cairo Royal, Menna N. Arafa!


“Rotaract Clubs are all about helping their communities strive and develop. The sense of helping others is enormously reflected in their projects and ideas for community development and outreaches. This project is no different than the rest except in one thing: its international message. Rotaract Club of Athens came up with a simple idea for a project: BUY ONE MORE! Basically, all the participants buy an extra item on their shopping lists to support needy families in their day to day needs. Rotaract Cairo Royal had the pleasure of participating in this international project. Cairo Royal’s members went out to buy extra items on their shopping lists as per the project’s aim and ended up preparing packs weighing 96 kg and worth 350 euros! The packs were distributed to families of 80 children with cancer at the National Cancer Institute.

The rational behind the project is not to shed the light on how many packs were prepared or how much they’re worth. It’s about how a group of selfless youth can team up together – across countries, seas and oceans – to help others; whether by a big impact or a simple smile on the faces of many who need it. The beautiful thing about such international cooperation is how a simple idea can ripple the benefits across different lands with different languages but all within the same goodwill of the youth of Rotaract.”
We would like to thank our friends and fellows from Egypt not only for joining our service project but also for their great accomplishment and their beautiful article!
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