Meeting with the Past President of Rotaract Club Tropea and Med MDIO CR Italy 14-15 Daphne Ianelli!

In the frame of our international exposure and the Rotary fellowship, we met on Sunday, November 1, 2015 with the Past President of Rotaract Club Tropea and Past Med MDIO Country Representative of Italy Daphne Ianelli!

The meeting was attended by the President, Christos Katopodis, the Vice President, Maria Antoniou and the Med MDIO Rotary Delegate 2015-16 and Past President of our Club, Michael Alban.

Συνάντηση με Daphne

Daphne met with us together with her Italian friends, Giovanni Succurro, Laura Flaccavento & Pasquale Marino in a restaurant in the heart of the Greek capital. Since we are twinned with Rotaract Club Tropea, we talked about future actions. Particularly, we discussed about the big project of our Club regarding the Syrian Refugees, whose care and stay in Greece is being managed by the Hellenic Center for Disease Control & Prevention.

The Italian Rotaractors, clearly sensitized of the situation, requested further information about our action. During the discussion, the Italian Club appeared ready to contribute in our efforts to raise money and awareness in order to construct a dental clinic in the Refugee Hospitality Center of Eleonas in Greece.