Rotaract Club Athens cut the traditional vasilopita!

On Sunday, the 18th of January 2015, the traditional cutting of the vasilopita of Rotaract Club Athens took place in the café-restaurant Prytaneion in a pleasant evening!

Vasilopita (Basil-pie or king pie) is a New Year’s Day bread or cake in Greece and many other areas in eastern Europe and the Balkans which contains a hidden coin or trinket which gives good luck to the receiver, like the Western European king cake. It is associated with Saint Basil’s day, January 1, in most of Greece, but in some regions, the traditions surrounding a cake with a hidden coin are attached to Epiphany or to Christmas.


The event was attended by the majority of the Club members, friends, οf members-to-be but also of our honored and distinguished guests, to whom we owe special thanks.

More particularly, we are very honored by the presence of the President of Rotary Club Athinai Giannis Varotsos, the Permanent Secretary, Rot. Dimitrios Mexis, the Rotarian Giannis Sougies accompanied by his wife Chrysa Fotinopoulou and the Rotarian and Past President of Rotaract Club Athens, Mihalis-Angelos Alban.

The Rotaractors from other Clubs that honored our event with their presence were: the President of Rotaract Club Kifissia, Evi Apostolidi, the Vice President and DRR Assistant Irina Hovhannisian, the Treasurer Mary Kalogridi, the Past President and DRR Assistant Athanasia Siafleki and the Past President of RAC Kifissia and Past DRR 2470 2011-2012 Stavros Koutoulogenis.

The evening flowed smoothly in an atmosphere of optimism and unity. The President of Rotaract Club Athens
Panos Karakizis thanked the attendees for being  here with us and cut the vasilopita (basil-pie) of RAC Athens.
He wished the new year to be productive for both our Club and the other Clubs of RD2470.
Best wishes for a productive and happy new year were expressed by all present.

The coin of the pie fell to Mihalis Alban, who won a beautiful pen, offered by the bookstore “Nikolatos”.
We wish everyone a happy new year!