BUY ONE MORE: 500kg οf food supplies donated to the Child Protection Foundation “Hatzikyriakio”!

Rotaract Club Athens visited on the 20th of January 2015 the Child Protection Foundation “Hatzikyriakio” and expressed its support to the institution by donating 500kg of food supplies, 900 euros worth, that have been gathered during our international project “BUY ONE MORE!“.


In this action participated the Social Media and International Affairs Coordinator, Paul Sampatakakis. After loading his car, Paul visited the institution in Piraeus where the donation took place. The director of the Boarding School, Anastasia Katsilieri, welcomed him and thanked our Club for this great effort. Moreover, she informed us that the Foundation is currently hosting 88 children, 60% Greeks and 40% immigrants.

Τhe Hatzikyriakio Child Protection Foundation is one of the oldest in Greece. Founded in 1889 by Ioannis Hatzikyriakos and his wife Marigo, the institution takes care orphans and poor girls.It hosts underage girls that come from families with serious social and economic problems, offering shelter, care and emotional support, excellent training opportunities and the necessary supplies for their progress as adults in a modern society.

Τhe Hatzikyriakio Foundation has been recognized and honored for its social contribution with the Athens Academy Award in 1987 and with the Gold Medal of the Academy of Athens in 2004.

The institution was being housed in a large neoclassical building, which has been designated by the Ministry of Culture as a “Work of Art and a Historical Monument”. After the earthquake of 1999, the building was seriously damaged and therefore it was unsuitable for the welfare of the children. After the evacuation of the building, Internship and Administrative Services were relocated to a camp of fabricated houses on the surroundings.
These houses were built with the financial support of Friends and Donors of the foundation.

xatzikiriakeio 2(Paul Sampatakakis together with the director of the Foundation Ms. Anastasia Katsilieri)

Although the Foundation takes care only children, its people created the program “Independent Living”, which includes former interns who have not completed their studies yet and supports them financially.