BUY ONE MORE: 500kg οf food supplies donated to the Association of Social Welfare “Arogi”!

Rotaract Club of Athens, in an effort to strengthen the hard work of greek charity foundations that provide love, care and warmth to children, showed on the 20th of January 2015 once again its sensitive side to the boarding school for children “Arogi” (Aid), by offering 500kg of food supplies and essentials, 900 euros woth! Τhe products were gathered during the four Saturdays of the international project “BUY ONE MORE!“.

arwgi(P.Karakizis and Ch.Chachlioutakis with children of the boarding school “Arogi”)

The action was attended by the President of the Club Panos Karakizis and the Sergeant at Arms Christos Chachlioutakis. After loading two cars with supplies, our members visited the boarding school where the donation took place. The staff welcomed us very warmly and their words are a major motivation for us to continue our work.

“Arogi” is a non-profit, charity organization that supports through volunteering people and families in need, in an attempt to contribute to the improvement of their living standards. The foundation is informed by the Welfare State, the Church, schools, local municipalities and also by individuals about cases of people that need the support which can be offered by the association. Thanks to the tireless contribution of its volunteers, “Arogi” has helped 650 families since 1995.

The continuous social work offer from “Arogi” focuses on:

Solidarity on a monthly basis for 30 deprived families and about 200 poor people in an effort to support their immediate needs at the expense of the association (housing costs and maintenance housing, paying utility bills, living expenses and clothing, heating aid, medical expenses, supply pharmaceutical care, children’s education, assistance to poor students).

Contributιοn to the smooth socialization of 55 people with special abilities, by founding and supporting continuously the pilot Daycare Center for people with special abilitis “Arogi” in the Municipality of Acharnai.

Foundation of permanent accommodation for homeless people, orphans and unprotected people with special abilities. The “Vamvakareio Institute – Arogi“, built from private donations of members and friends, was delivered to the Municipality of Acharnai in order to seek a support program for people with special abilities and to officially launch its operation.

Arogi” faces major sustainability problems because of the greek financial crisis. The economic resources, mainly from the annual membership fees and occasional donations and offerings, are not sufficient anymore for the stable continuation of the voluntary social work that’s being offered. The help from Rotaract Club Athens was very substantial, as the donated food supplies will be given to the protected families by “Arogi”.

We thank “Arogi” for adding on its website an active link about our action!