BUY ONE MORE: 500kg οf food supplies donated to the Non-Profit Organization “The Ark of the World”!

Rotaract Club Athens visited on the 20th of February 2015 the “Ark of the World” and donated 500 kg of food supplies, 900€ worth completing with this way our international project BUY ONE MORE !


The “Ark of the World” was founded in 1998 by father Antonios Papanikolaou and it is a Non-Profit Organization for the Special Care and Protection of Mothers and Children which operates on the care of children who were living under conditions of negligence and abandonment, without medical attendance, without a future; most of them coming from single parent families and many of them without parents.  Facing unspeakable poverty and impoverishment of children, Father Antonios did not hesitate to dedicate his life to them, which was a work of love but also his life’s work.  Father Antonios’ aim is to improve their living conditions and inspire them with hope for a better Future.

Together with a team of volunteers who selflessly frame Father Antonios and his children, offering love and affection, the “Ark of the World” nowadays gathers approximately 400 children, from infants to 18-year-olds, thereby forming a community of compassion and love, which flourishes and excels at the centre of Athens. A guest house with a capacity of 40 beds was prepared and is functional since 2008, in a second room, for homeless and abused mothers, because a great need arose for the accommodation of these women who had had no place to lay their heads. Moreover, the “Ark of the World” offers food to 1,300 persons, on a daily basis and for numerous years now, most of them single and homeless mothers and their children while in November 2012 commenced food distribution from its “social grocery”, which serves 150 families. The “Ark of the World” has been awarded several times as one of the best organizations on the child’s care in Greece (more,el/).

 The President of the Club Panos Karakizis,  the Vice President Christos Katopodis and the member Dimitra Vitsou, who loaded their cars with the food supplies gathered the last days of the project “BUY ONE MORE!” visited the “Ark of the World”, donated with great joy the food supplies and witnessed the efforts of Ark’s volunteers.

Our goal now is to evaluate, prioritize and utilize the valuable knowledge and experience we gained through this great project in order to offer more in our society.