Algeria joins BUY ONE MORE!

Algeria is the 3rd country after Croatia and Turkey that joined on the 3rd of January 2015 our international service project “BUY ONE MORE”! After accepting the invitation of Med MDIO Country Representative for Greece Paul Sampatakakis, the Med MDIO Country Representative of Algeria, Raid Bouch announced the participation of Rotaract Club Alger IcosiumThe algerian Club took the initiative to go Mustapha Bacha Hospital and Bir Traria Hospital in Algiers for their inaugural action!
Buy One More5 (Group photo of Club Icosium, with members of Rotaract Club Alger Renaissance and non-Rotary affiliated guests)

The newly-founded club, comprised of high-school and college students planned, organized an action that based itself in the distribution of essentials to the patients of the pediatrics ward of Mustapha Bacha hospital and Bir Traria hospital in Algiers and managed to put a smile on the faces of 70 patients and their parents’ faces in their difficult times.

The essential items distributed to the children were in the form of sanitary items and food supplies. The sanitary items included shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes and washcloths, all packed neatly into a small, portable pouch. The team also distributed a sizable amount of diapers to the parents of very small children, which was a godsend due to the pricey nature of quality diapers. (All of which donated by a member of the community in one delivery). Among the food supplies were assorted fruits, packages of small candies and juice boxes and a traditional dessert known as Tammina (Tammina was added to the event due to it taking place on the day of a traditional holiday).

All in all, the items were estimated to weigh well over 120kg, an admirable effort by the young club in their debut action!

The club was joined by several people who had only heard of the even through social media and on the radio, who wanted to help in whichever way they could, and their help was truly essential to the orderly distribution of the products, and as more people joined, they brought with them more donations.

None of this would have been possible without the solid work ethic of the team led by the President Hind Zoubir, who showed herself to be a promising leader during the clubs’ debut humanitarian action.

The algerian Club would also like to thank the individuals who donated products and helped fund this small project, some of which actively chose to remain anonymous even to the organizers of the event, making it a truly selfless act. Special thanks also goes to Jil FM Radio for donating a spot on their station, allowing the team to reach a far larger audience than would have been possible without them.

Hopefully, this will have been the first of many initiatives taken by the young up-and-coming Rotaract club based in Algiers, as they have shown that they should not be underestimated in their ability to help out their community. Rotaract Club Icosium would also like to extend their thanks and appreciation to the administrations and staff of the pediatrics units of both Mustapha Bacha hospital and Bir Traria hospital, who were very welcoming and truly helpful when it came to giving the team the authorization and guiding them through the hospitals personally, all with a smile.

We are very thankful for the participation of our Algerian fellows, and we hope that more Countries join our efforts!

Buy One More3(Members of the Club together with a young patient!)

Buy One More 4(RAC Alger Icosium Vice President Ines Nafai with one of the infants from the pediatrics ward of Mustapha Bacha)

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