BUY ONE MORE: 600kg οf food supplies donated to the Athens Municipal Creche!

On Tuesday, the 30th of December 2014, members of Rotaract Club Athens visited during the project “BUY ONE MORE!” the Athens Municipal Creche (AMC) and delivered 600kg of food supplies and essentials, 1100 euros worth!

This visit was attended by our President Panos Karakizis, the Social Media and International Affairs Coordinator and Med MDIO Country Representative for Greece Paul Sampatakakis and by two members-to-be, Dimitra Vitsou and George Kanellos.

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After loading two cars under very bad weather conditions due to heavy snowfall in the region of Anoixi where food supplies of the first two days of the project “BUY ONE MORE!” were stored, our members arrived in AMC where the donation took place. The Chairman of the AMC Board, Ms. Calliope Giannopoulou told us about the hard everyday life and the great needs of the people and thanked us for our contribution with a beautiful album of AMC.

The Athens Municipal Creche, being responsible for feeding 11,500 people daily, is one of the most important social authorities of the Municipality of Athens. Today the Foundation is connected and operating in 77 kindergartens within the Municipality of Athens. It is the largest network nursery in the Balkans and one of the biggest in Europe. It hosts about 5,500 children daily.

Apart from the 77 kindergartens, the AMC it also feeds houndreds of children in elementary schools, people in other social institutions, socially vulnerable groups, thousands homeless poeple in the Municipality of Athens, battered women  and also individual families who live under very bad conditions.

Τhe members who participated in today’s donation tasted the serious humanitarian crisis prevailing in Greece. The great response of people to the charity call of Rotaract Club Athens with the BUY ONE MORE project and its acceptance from foundations that support the social structures of our country, give us the motivation to continue contributing by all means to the effective assistance of our fellowmen.