Our greek 2470 District RI joined the family of Rotaract Med MDIO !

On Tuesday, the 25th of November 2014, the Country Representatives  of the Mediterranean Multi-District Information Organization (Med MDIO) voted in favor of the admission of the greek District 2470 Rotary International, to which Rotaract Club Athens belongs. As a result of the vote, greek Rotaract joined the big family of Med MDIO!

med mdio

The well established communication between the International Affairs Coordinator for Rotaract in District 2470 RI and member of Rotaract Club Athens Paul Sampatakakis, the Med MDIO Country Representative for Italy Daphne Iannelli and the Med MDIO President 2014-15 Vera Damerjian had a major impact on the greek joining to the Med MDIO.

The approval by the 2470 Rotary District RI was followed by the  Sending of the application, which was signed by the District Rotaract Representative Vasileios Pasipoularidis and the District Governor of the 2470 District RI Rot. Marianna Kaloeida. After the admission, Paul Sampatakakis accepted the proposal of the DRR Vasileios Pasipoularidis for the position of the Med MDIO Country Representative for Greece.

It is very important for every Rotaractor to know what exactly is a Multi-District Information Organization. These organizations act as regional centers for Rotaract members and include Clubs from two or more Rotary Districts of a country or among several ones. Οne of the main purposes of their foundation is to disseminate information and facilitate communication among Rotaract Clubs from the districts involved. The MDIOs represent a medium of information about  communication-programs, local and international news but also Rotaract events. Furthermore, they contribute to the consolidation between Rotaractors from different clubs, districts and countries within a particular region. Moreover, the members of Rotaract Clubs can exchange ideas and opinions in form of publications or through a direct connection with the staff of Rotary International.

The guidelines of the Mediterranean MDIO were created by the founding Rotary Districts 2100-Italy, 2202-Spain, 2450 (now 2451 and 2452-Egypt-Cyprus / Lebanon) and 9010-Algeria / Morocco / Tunisia and officially approved by Rotary International on 13. February 2013. After some time admissions of other Rotary Districts around the Mediterranean were accepted (1700-France, 1760-France, 1730-France / Monaco 1912-Slovenia, 2090-Italy 2203-Spain, 2110-Italy / Malta, 2071-Italy-Montenegro 2483). Greece is the 15th country which becomes member of this great Rotaract association!

The Mediterranean Convention (MEDICON) is the major event of the Med. MDIO each year. This is a 3-5 day event which includes workshops and board meetings and takes place preferably in the spring of each year in one of the member-countries. Every Rotaractor and Rotarian throughout the world is invited and most welcome to join this big Rotaract celebration! This year’s MEDICON will be held on 16-19 April in Paestum and Salerno, Italy.